Gym Tots

Who is it for?

Gym Tots is a physical development session for parents and carers to come along with their children aged under 5, to explore physical resources and take ideas home.

Why come to Gym tots?

Gym Tots is a fun session for parents/carers to explore physical development with children and gain an awareness of their early physical learning. We can help you to support your children in this and give you lots of different ideas of what you can try at home, to enhance children’s learning. We can also help you to access additional professional services and discuss any concerns that you might have.

What happens at Gym tots?

At Gym Tots we have a different focus every two weeks, and give you ideas that you can try at home with your children. Our session routine is as follows:

  • Hello song
  • Warm up time (two action songs)
  • Free flow physical play (focus activity and theme)
  • Parachute time (singing and rhymes with the parachute)
  • Goodbye song

What do parents and children say about it? (quotes)

What else do you need to know?

At Gym Tots there is lots of fun but risky equipment, so to keep everyone safe we have a few rules.

In order to avoid slipping please put your children in appropriate footwear ie. Trainers, or barefoot. Please do not keep socks on them. Please supervise your children at all times in order to keep them and others safe. In line with our safeguarding policy we ask you not to use mobile phones in the session or take pictures. If you would like a photo of your child please ask a member of staff to use the Centre camera and we can send these onto you.

What Parents Say

“Really enjoyable group, thank you!”.

“Great Place”.

“There are lots of toys and equipment for both kids to play on which I wouldn’t be able to provide at home”.

“It provides excellent physical exercise for the children whatever the weather in a structured environment. Great for preparation for pre-school”.

“Fun, good layout, friendly staff and its free!”.