Stay & Play


When & Where?

We run 3 weekly Stay & Play sessions, each lasting 1 1/2 hours throughout the school term.  You can choose the group that suits you best:

  • Tuesday mornings at Perry Court
  • Friday mornings at Stockwood

Who is it for?

The groups are for parents/grandparents and children under 5.  Stay & Play is ideal if you have more than one child as it caters for all ages and stages.  The sessions are run by a qualified group leader and often supported by an apprentice or volunteer.

Why come to Stay & Play?

  • your child will have the opportunity to learn and play with you
  • you and your child will make new friends
  • you can talk to staff about any concerns, get information and find out about other services availalble.

What happens in the group?

Although the sessions vary slightly due to the differing size of venues and number attending, all our stay and play sessions will include activities for the full age range of children such as crafts, water play and treasure baskets.  A snack time (please bring fruit) and singing (sometimes stories too).

What do parents say about it?

“Meeting other parents, talking to staff, songs and stories”.

“I loved the little activities that are set out and staff are really friendly”.

“Different toys and activities my children can do, which I wouldn’t do at home , due to the mess”.

“The staff. They are so friendly and supportive. Other toddler groups just focus on the children. This is the only place where I feel like the staff are here for the parents, just as much as they are for the children, and this is why I love the Children’s Centre. They have offered me so much support through a difficult time in my life”.

What else do you need to know?

Group Rules – Parents are able to drop in to whichever Stay & Play they would like without pre-booking.  Even with the one group limit, sessions can be very busy with as many as 20 families, priority goes to families living in the Children’s Centre area.